Create the Ultimate Connection The most fun you will ever have while having some of the most important and impactful conversations of your life.

Utilized in approximately 1,000 Colleges & Universities, as well as in organizations, high schools, youth programs, and with friends and family!

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KEEP IT REAL 100 GAME The Keep It Real 100 Game, designed for BIPOC Youth, Adults and Allies  provides a safe, structured space for the BIPOC community, and allies to connect  deeply, to have gentle, intentional, bold conversations, and to discover authentic  truths about issues that have a profound impact on our lives. 


See How Keep It Real Enables Real Communication ›

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Create New, Deeper Understanding of Yourself & Those Around You



Profound questions that challenge you to move beyond your experience and grow. 



Contemplative questions that jog important memories and probe deeper thinking. 



Exhilarating topics that surprise players and even provoke laughter. 



Questions that prompt you to explore your inner voice and your heart & mind. 


Go Beyond the Surface

Keep It Real provides a safe structured space for people to explore, process and share life experiences while lifting pre-judgments, fears, and defensiveness.


Currently Used In:

1000+ Colleges &

High Schools &
Youth Programs

Diversity &
Inclusion Trainings


Friends &

Break Down Barriers Within Your Community

Utilize the full capacity of Keep It Real through our communication workshops.


Keep It Real Inclusion Workshops

Powerful field-tested events that quickly create deep connections and build lasting community among participants.


Train the Trainer Workshops

Customized workshops for your needs & desires, filled with an assortment of original exercises.

The Keep It Real Game Applies To:

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Friends & Family
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Organizations & Corporations
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Gerard Brown

Teacher/ Screenwriter

"There has never been a board game like this … EVER!!! We have seen and played the games that challenge our memory, our intellect, our management skills, even our physical dexterity. But KEEP IT REAL challenges us in ways that would do far more than entertain or help to pass the time. It will stay with us in potentially life-altering ways in rebuilding our perceptions of others and ourselves, while having us run a fun filled spectrum of emotions in the process. No one has ever enjoyed themselves or explored themselves this much with a board game before!"

Patrick Lynn

Assistant Director of Residence Life, The Towers

"Keep It Real was the core of our Diversity workshop for students and proved to be more engaging and impactful than any keynote speaker we have ever had. In the past while other diversity activities have caused students to feel guilty or marginalized because of their identity, Keep It Real empowered our students to speak their truth while remaining open to the experience and the dialogue."

Moses Sanchez

Youth Minister, Student Venture NYC

"High school students are living in a culture where communication occurs via the internet and text messaging. True and genuine communication seems rare nowadays. The Keep It Real game will challenge students to think beyond their limited experience, to dream, to joke, to laugh, to create a culture of transparency and vulnerability.  This is by far the greatest strength of this game, namely transparency, for when this is accomplished, youth can be who they are; not who they think they should be. They can Keep It Real!"

Vincent Smythe

Environmental Artist and Health Insurance Specialist

"My two teenage children and I enjoyed playing Keep It Real. The game opened up a dialogue that had been missing between us. We learned some things about each other and how we think about situations that affect us every day. The props in the game were fun because it brought out the humorous side of our personalities. It was fun to laugh at ourselves while stimulating our thoughts about the world we live in.  I recommend Keep It Real to be played by families and friends. The game brought my family closer in ways which we often talk about in our travels."

Over 100,000 Lives Impacted to Date

A Unique Chance to Grow & Evolve

Start the dialogue that builds trust and mends bridges.

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