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Create Memories That Last

The conversations that the questions in the Keep It Real Diverse game encourage have proven to provide moments that people remember forever.

The Keep It Real Game is a communication game which invites you to discover what really dwells within the hearts and minds of yourself and others! It provides a safe space for people to explore and share their memories, reflections, beliefs, dreams, feelings, fantasies, imaginations and secret desires out loud.

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Want to Discover More?

The Keep It Real RX game brings worlds together. It is a game for all who want to discover more than what they presently know.


Real questions you have always wanted to ask, but never dared to


Real questions you have always secretly wanted to discuss


Interactions and challenges that break through barriers and bond

Game Play

Grab a friend or two, or three, or more, to sample a few of the questions you will find below, and get a small taste of the Keep It Real Game experience.


Whoever chooses the question is the Leader of that turn. The Leader reads the question out loud, answers first, then all players answer the same question in turn. The questions in Keep It Real pave the way for illumination into truths of each individual while gently lifting prejudgments, fears, and defensiveness.

There are no right or wrong answers.

A player can express as much or as little as they are comfortable with.

Keep It Real Game PLEDGE:

We the people who have gathered together to play Keep It Real respect and celebrate our differences, and our similarities, and the right of each person to express their thoughts, feelings, and opinions freely.

We encourage open expression and reject all forms of prejudice and discrimination. We will gently allow our minds to wander, put our snarly little judges down for naps, try on one another’s shoes, and open our hearts and minds to one another as we speak, listen, learn and play!

Included Categories:

Includes questions like:
  • What other culture fascinates you? Why?
  • Do you think men or women are more competitive with members of their own sex?
Includes questions like:
  • What is one of the most valuable lessons you have ever been taught? By who?

  • Do you feel like people in your life really know who you are? What don’t they know?

Includes questions like:
  • If you could have special powers, what would you like them to be? How would you use them?

  • If there is reincarnation, what would you want to come back as? Why?

Includes questions like:
  • What gives you faith in life?
  • Why do you think physical attraction is so often mistaken for love?
Includes questions like:
  • Describe the experience of having a broken heart.

  • Choose something you feel akin to in nature and tell us why (ie: wind, water,  fire, etc.)

Includes interactions like:
  • Beginning with the person who chose this card, all players, in turn, add an element to what your perfect world would be.
  • Each player draws a picture of the state of your soul, and show it to the other players.
Includes challenges like:
  • Ask the other players to clap for you, as if you are a rock star. Enjoy it!
  • You are a portrait artist. Position each player in a pose of your choice, for your portrait of them.


Includes questions like:
  • What is a stereotype of your race or religion which annoys you?   

  • Think of a race or religion different from your own. How would your life be different if you had been born into that race or religion?

Walk In Someone Else's Shoes

Keep It Real RX: An experience that empowers us, challenges us, and never stops asking the important questions.