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According to leading HR studies, Employee Relations’ issues are the top reason for employee turnover. On average, U.S. companies spend billions on Employee Relations’ and team-building trainings.

Additionally, businesses and organizations today are facing multiple overlapping crises: the financial fallout of the pandemic, the disruptive shift to remote work, and the renewed focus on issues of racial justice and inclusion.

In order to thrive, leaders must attend to the emotional climate of their organizations and create a shared vision for weathering the storm. With the Keep It Real game, we can make use of this time in history to have the most empathetic, engaged and compassionate conversations we have ever had with one another.

“I can’t think of a time in recent memory where we more acutely need to understand, accept, and appreciate our common humanity. This game is a godsend. Playing the game set the stage for robust, healthy dialogue and the strong collaboration needed to work through some very challenging strategic issues facing the organization. It was amazing to watch the dynamic include both peals of laughter and moments of quiet reflection and, dare I say, love? I could not recommend the Keep It Real game more highly.

Laura Adams
President & CEO, Rhode Island Quality Institute

Introducing... Keep It Real!

The Keep It Real game is the ultimate engagement, team building, and diversity and inclusion tool for workplaces, corporations, and organizations.

The game offers a profound and lasting interactive EXPERIENCE of diversity and inclusion, and unlike most diversity efforts, makes diversity and inclusion across all divides fun and engaging.


An innovative approach to...

•  Connection

•  Engagement

•  Retention

•  Team-building

•  Group cohesiveness

•  Diversity and inclusion

•  Belonging

•  Effective communication

•  Critical thinking

•  Problem-solving

•  Empathy

•  Employee wellness

•  Mental health

•  Social/emotional well-being


“We brought Leslie Robinson, the creator of Keep It Real, to our campus to facilitate diversity training for our department directors and their key leadership staff. The highly unique blend of diversity exercises, information, and game-play facilitated by Leslie provided us with an enjoyable, high-energy, hands-on, interactive and experiential opportunity. After lots of laughter, bonding, discussion, introspection and sharing, we are all better for having participated. I would highly recommend this fun and profound learning experience!”

Belinda Biscoe, Ph.D.
Vice President, University of Oklahoma Outreach

3 Ways to Bring KIR to YOUR Company or Organization

Options for every organizational need.

Play the Game

Utilize the game in an introductory + ongoing basis to foster a culture of inclusivity and innovation

Inclusion Workshop

Highly recommended and most requested - led by founder and expert facilitator Leslie Robinson.

Train the Trainer

Equip your team to provide highly effective support and foster an inclusive culture.

Know you already want the game?!

Keep It Real - The Virtual Game

We proudly offer Keep It Real in a 100% virtual format! This is an ideal (and exceptional) tool to engage and support remote participants in a powerful and lasting way. This includes virtual workshops, trainings, and facilitation!

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Meet Leslie Robinson

Leslie is a renowned psychotherapist, experienced speaker, and founder of Trance4mation Games - a business that designs interactive games for healing. Leslie is not just a dynamic game creator. Her presentations have proven to spark dialogue, transformation, connections, awareness, healing and an experience people remember forever. Today, her programs exist in communities, corrections, campuses, and corporations across the nation. Set up a call with Leslie to discuss how she or her programs can support you.

A Unique Chance to Grow & Evolve

Start the dialogue that builds trust and mends bridges.

Facilitate your own Keep It Real workshop on your campus, in your organization, or for your community: